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Ok, another question realting to my recent build which I am about to finaly get my windows 7 disc for.I love the idea of AMD cool and quiet. So theres a setting in my BIOS called AMD Cool n Quiet which is supposed to turn down the CPU clock speed and voltage when you dont need.

Chipmaker AMD's Cool N'Quiet technology senses when the CPU isn't being used by the system and decreases voltage to the chip, thereby decreasing energy. Jul 11, Reason why I am asking is that apparently AMD cool & quiet will cause If AMD Cool'N'Quiet is disabled, then low power c-states will also be.

About people saying try ryzen power balance plan & Cool n quiet trust .. AMD Cool'n'Quiet is a CPU dynamic frequency scaling and power. Hi all, I am overclocking my Ryzen on my AsRock AB PRO4. I read that to improve stability I have to deactivate C6 states, Cool'n'Quiet.

After some fairly extensive testing I have concluded that CnQ definitely does significantly negatively impact the performance of my system. After i upgraded to the latest bios i restored my overclocking settings and now my cpu is only staying at one cpu speed since this new update.

Enabling Cool'n'Quiet on Windows 7 is the same as it is on Windows Vista DOs : C'n'Q must be “enabled” in the motherboard's BIOS (Note. Feb 4, Cool 'n Quiet only works if CPU is running less intensive applications AMD have a tool for that too called Power Monitor available at their site.

Mar 25, When this system ran XP, the AMD processor drivers enabled The Wikipedia page for Cool'n'Quiet suggests that this is because Vista only. Feb 7, In fact, AMD Cool 'n' Quiet Technology was recognized with Energy Star recognition in from the United States (EPA) Environmental.

hi, I want to turn off my amd cool n quiet cause of the random and annoying fps drops I get sometimes, but it does not show up in bios. I have a. I have an Phenom II x4 Ghz and I am wondering if I would get better performance with the cool n quiet inabled or disabled I have been.

Jun 2, AMD cool 'n quiet is enabled, i tried to edit the pstate but it was useless, and from there you can see the range it operates with cool and quiet. Download Table | Power reduction factor r of Intel SpeedStep and AMD Cool'n' Quiet for quad-core processors. from publication: Evaluating and modeling power .


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